Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween has come and gone and we made it out alive.
I don't have pictures posted, but it will happen. Probably sometime around Christmas, because I'm cool like that.

I have been managing to squeeze some time into the day to do what *I* want. This week I managed to make curtains for our dining room and recover two of the dinner chairs. It's meant that the laundry must wait and the dishes will be done later, but the household hasn't fallen apart yet.. so it must not be the worst thing in the world.

On another note, my dining room is beginning to look like a dining room, rather than a box with some tables and chairs in it. Since moving into this great big house, we have only hauled two truckloads of our things. Which sounds like a lot, but considering furniture, clothing, and houseplants it's not much in the way of decor.

I've made do to make it look as nice as I can, but I'm itching to really "move" in. Ah, well.. one project at a time. :)


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